The Secret of Generating Millionaire Students

Who Says Being Student is Stress-Free?As Millennials, Are You Willing To Be Bound By Fate? 
CPR – 大学生 (Student)

Besides studies, MONEY is one of the factors that causes major stress to students. You need to cover: transport fees, books and stationery, rental (if you are study away from home), nevertheless once in a blue moon entertainment fees…

Every single aspect needs money, doesn’t it?

Malaysiakini came out with a survey:

CPR – 大学生 (Student)

Can you believe that 57% of the undergraduates only have RM5 a day for meals and 74% of them don’t have money to buy meals?!

Is this your current situation too? Are you full of determination to eliminate all these MONEY problems and focus on your studies and at the same time enjoy every single moment you have in campus? Take a minute and THINK!

I bet you have tried the methods below: 

1. Look around (Traditional)

CPR – 大学生 (Student)

Walk around and see if any vacancy is posted. You would probably end up with these jobs: 

– Waiter 
– Retail assistant 
– Kitchen crew 
– Barista? (this looks promising for youngsters nowadays) 

Well, a traditional way always leads to a traditional answer. These jobs has been available since your grandparents era. It usually requires long and fix working hours with heavy labour, and the least minimum pay.

CPR – 大学生 (Student)

2. Ask around (The easiest way)
Ask your friends, relatives, neighbour randomly and again, you would end up with these jobs: 

1. Fair helper 
2. Kitchen helper 
3. Promoter (ah! this is new!) Sounds familiar, huh?

CPR – 大学生 (Student)

3. Google Online (it’s the digital world today)
This will generate tons of jobs available for you. Simple right? So, guess what you will probably get from here: 

1. Telesales
2. Property agent 

That’s right! The internet will generate tons of job but probably all from the same aspect: sales related jobs where they need lots of agents and sales person. Their working hour is flexible yet mostly are commission-based.

CPR – 大学生 (Student)

Larry Page | Jerry Yang | Mark Zuckerberg

4. Get inspired by successful examples (The copy cat) 
You must have heard of their stories, and you wish to be as successful as them! It is true that you do not acquire a BIG amount of capital to start a business or invest on shares. Just, are you as creative/capable as them? Is there anything that you could change the world and make yourself big profit? 

The dream job that every student like YOU wish to work for!

CPR – 大学生 (Student)
The dream job:

Uses only your leisure time, which means time after class (This is a must! Students are not supposed to skip class, academic and money are equally important.)

Requires flexible hours and venue (You don’t have to travel all the way to a specific place, let the job suits you) 

Has a promising pay (no delay on this!)

CPR – 大学生 (Student)

Is a relaxing job (maybe a little bit of brain juice, but just a little will do. We promise!)

And more. Sounds unbelievable? But this is the true secret that none of those invisible rich students would tell! 

CPR – 大学生 (Student)

What would you do if you lost everything right now. Imagine waking up tomorrow to an empty bank account, no friends, no followers..nothing. 

All you had left was any knowledge you have, and a few hundreds bucks. 

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