Say goodbye to signs and symptoms of tiredness

Chamonent helps to regain efficiency of your work


Can’t concentrate during work?

Feeling anxiety most of the time?

Don’t feel like working after long holidays?

Or even suspect yourself to suffer from post-holiday symptoms?


Long holidays will indirectly:

– Disrupt our work schedule
– Change our eating habits
– Excessive drinking


All of this will cause the physical condition of our body to be greatly reduced, thus our working efficiency will reduce too. 


In order to avoid lack of efficiency in a team that causes the whole team members to have low efficient work, we need to re-adjust the mentality and let our body get adequate amount of rest and nutrients. We need to adapt post-holiday symptoms and work towards our goal again.


The following three types of plant extracts will help to protect brain cells, prevent cardiovascular disease, release stress, promote a good night’s sleep. On top of these benefits, it is very suitable for people who need physical and mental nutrition to return to work after long holidays.

Green tea is the best anti-oxidant!


The antioxidant that is come from nature can effectively slow down the phenomenon of human aging. According to the Kansas State University, United States of America research, green tea contains plant nutrients called as Polyphenol. Its antioxidant efficiency is 100 times higher than Vitamin C, while 23 times higher than Vitamin C

While British Newcastle University studies found that green tea polyphenols also help to protect brain cells, slow down brain cell aging and refresh our mind. 


U.S. researchers also pointed out that people who had high-fat diet will harden blood vessels. If we are able to drink green tea before, during or after a meal, it can promote the blood circulation of our blood vessels. Why is there such a magical effect? This is because green tea contains theanine and catechins, it can increase blood flow, prevent obesity, stroke, heart disease and so on. 


Jasmine is good for soothing, relieving anxiety and promoting a good sleep. It is ideal for people who are having an imbalance lifestyle. According to Chinese, jasmine can help to eliminate the heat and cold while removing the squamous tumour as well. In addition, it can protect our liver and eyes, thus we can achieve mental and physical health to stay longevity.


Drinking tea is good for our health, such as prevent high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and some cardiovascular disease. It can help to reduce blood lipids and cholesterol if you drink tea every day. Do you know that the process of tea smoked of jasmine tea is happening at night? This is because the flower blooms at night. In the process of smoking, jasmine flower tea needs to smoke several times in order for the tea to stained the natural fragrant of the flowers. 

Ashitaba to protect the brain


Most of us feel tired easily as our body is lack of energy and our immune system is weaker if we did not get sufficient rest. Some of the people might also feel that they tend to forget things easily and make some mistakes. 

A study published in the Japanese Biology Bulletin found that the stem of Ashitaba has a variety of health benefits to the human body. Platycodon root in the stem is an antioxidant, it helps to maintain neurones in the brain and increase the nerve growth factor (NGF) in the brain and muscles. On top of that, it is essential for the nervous system and brain development

Chamoment essential drinks


The new goal for your job is:

Contribute to the company by the excellent performance?

To create a more pleasant workplace relationship with colleagues?

Hit the job target?

Drink Chamoment every day to have an energised body to meet new challenges!

Chamoment contains green tea, jasmine flower and Ashitaba and other essential plant nutrients to help to reduce stress and soothe our body to overcome the work stress and circumstances. Drink Chamoment frequently as you can prevent a variety of diseases. The high antioxidant will prevent aging and the essence of tea will prevent cardiovascular disease.

Chamoment is suitable for:

Everyone including elderly, children, men and women!

An antioxidant is the nutrients that all of us should get in order to reduce free radicals and prevent cardiovascular disease. 

Thus, you should drink Chamoment every single day!


In conclusion:

Make good use of the money to invest in health, then you can use health to earn more wealth.

Try to boost the necessary nutrients to let yourself accept the life challenges!

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