Losing weight healthily is not hard after all!

As what people always said, fairness can cover ugliness, while fat can destroy everything.

Nowadays, modern city dwellers do not have a balanced diet on every meal, this is why obesity problem is getting serious. Although obesity is not a serious disease, it can lead to a variety of diseases and some negative impacts on our body. On top of that, obesity will combat self-confidence that causes people lack of the thoughts of pursuing new things.


We know that every obesity individual is trying to lose weight, but without perseverance, only a few people can lose their weight. In addition, you might have heard of a lot of people using extreme diet control to lose weight. However, extreme diet control may lead to the weaker body as the nutrients in the body is lesser.


On top of exercise regularly, healthy eating habits are the most important key to losing weight. When you have a healthy diet, you can lose weight in the most effective and healthiest way.


What is the food to effectively lose weight?

Generally, people who are planning to lose weight should take low calories, low fat, and low cholesterol foods. This is to help our body reduce fats and avoiding the body from storing excessive fats. We need to consume more fruits and vegetables to have enough of nutrients. And, through the consumption of high fibre foods to help on the excretion of waste products.


Apart from that, soybean and psyllium seed are also recognised as the best ingredients for weight loss. Soybean is low-calorie and rich in protein. Psyllium seed contains water soluble fibre, it can help to increase food satiety and let our excretion system smoother.


What are the benefits of Soybean to us?

Soybean is free of cholesterol and contains a lot of protein. Soy isoflavones can reduce the cholesterol index, and can prevent coronary heart disease. On top of that, it contains plant nutrients that can effectively prevent cancer cells. Soy isoflavones have been proven to prevent osteoporosis. Soybean contains tetraphine, which can accelerate the decomposition of fat and help in weight control. In addition, soybean can help to reduce the symptoms of menopause.


On the other hand, experts from National University if Singapore, the British Cancer Research Center and the National Cancer Society (NCI) have conducted a study of soybeans and breast cancer. They concluded that women who consume a large amount of soybean had lower mammograms density on breasts. In which it means they have a lower risk of breast cancer compared to women who do not consume large amounts of soybeans.


For modern people like us, the hectic life causes us to get lesser nutrition intake every day. That is why in order to achieve the most effective slimming result, Soygreen can fulfil your needs for a healthy diet.


It contains a variety of fruits and vegetables to provide nutrients such as banana, citrus fruit, broccoli, spinach, peas, lettuce, carrot leaf, asparagus, kale, green pepper, romaine lettuce and mustard leaf. It is perfect for adults and children who doesn’t like to eat vegetables.

Apart from containing a variety of fruits and vegetables, other main ingredients are plant proteins and fibre source that come from soybean and psyllium seed.


Protein from Soybean = 2xMeats = 3xEggs = 12xMilk

Normally, people who are losing weight need to ensure adequate intake of protein. This is because it helps to reduce muscle loss.


Psyllium seed are rich in soluble fibre, help to soften faeces, relieve constipation and prevent intestinal syndrome. Soygreen is high fibre nutrition, thus it can suppress the appetite, weight management and our body’s satiety are more durable.

Soygreen is available in two flavours which are original and orange flavour.

Consume Soygreen every morning or before having a meal, it can help to reduce weight, and prevent coronary heart disease, prevent cancer cells, prevent osteoporosis, reduce menopause symptoms and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Who is suitable to drink Soygreen?

Anyone who wish to have a healthy body and people who are controlling their body weight.

Soygreen is not a drink for weight loss, it also provides all the nutrients that our body need. It contains the nutrients that are suitable for low-calorie diet management weight people.

No matter is elderly, children, pregnant women or patients are suitable to drink Soygreen!


– high protein, low calorie, help to control weight
– improve the process of fat decomposition to weight loss.

– Rich in soy isoflavones which are proven to prevent osteoporosis.
– Reduce the symptoms of menopause.
– Reduce the risk of breast cancer.


– high protein, low calorie, help to prevent muscle loss
– provide rich nutrients, makes your skin looks radiant
– High fibre that helps to control body weight



– Rich in variety nutrients of fruits and vegetables for child’s growth
– Contain high protein to develop body without growing fat



– Soy isoflavones can prevent osteoporosis
– Lower cholesterol and prevent coronary heart disease
– Prevent cancer cells and various type of cancer

To sum up:
Quality healthy living starts with a healthy diet,
Prevent all kind of diseases starts from a healthy diet,
Healthy weight loss starts with a healthy diet.

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