Global e-commerce has become a dominant force in our generation, penetrating diverse industries and markets.

Considering this, do you find the term “online marketing” unfamiliar?

The issue isn’t a lack of hard work, intelligence, or diligence on your part.

Rather, it’s a matter of directing those efforts, intelligence, and diligence in the right direction.



Business Case:

How did Li Jiaqi’s monthly earnings surge from 3,000 yuan to an annual income of 30 million yuan in a short span?

MDS-CPR – Business – EP – (Entrepreneur)

It wasn’t solely due to his hard work, diligence, or exceptional intelligence.

Rather, his success can be attributed to the alignment of his efforts, diligence, and intelligence with the opportunities presented in the live e-commerce sector!


Leveraging impressive persuasive skills and robust sales abilities, Li Jiaqi transitioned to the training department, where he conducted nationwide training for sales associates.

This shift underscores his exceptional sales skills. Interestingly, prior to this, he started as a modest employee in a cosmetic company, selling lipsticks to a limited customer base each day.


In 2019, TikTok boasted 500 million monthly active users, yet the count of businesses engaged in commercial activities or direct product selling did not surpass 300,000.

Notably, these 300,000 businesses were catering to the expansive user base of 500 million.

Although the products and services remained constant, a complete transformation occurred with a shift in the distribution channel and system.

While selling lipsticks to hundreds of customers in a traditional cosmetic outlet was commendable, Li Jiaqi’s transition to the live e-commerce era is truly remarkable.

Drawing in hundreds of thousands, even millions of viewers in his live sessions, he achieved astonishing results.

In a single 11.11 promotion, his revenue exceeded 20 billion yuan, surpassing the sales of numerous cosmetic outlets in just one day!

MDS-CPR – Business – EP – (Entrepreneur)

The reason why Li Jiaqi can be successful is because

– “He found the right platform and understood how to attract consumers!”

Embarking on a business venture entails confronting numerous risks.

Without adequate guidance, one can easily lose their way, potentially resulting in financial setbacks.

Establishing a profitable business has become a challenge for many, given the evolving landscape.

Adapting to the changing generation requires a shift in mindset

– by addressing and resolving consumer issues, one can discover the correct path to successful entrepreneurship!

Should you share similar perspectives with me, you may find it worthwhile to investigate the current trends in the global market outlined below!

A well-known market research organization, eMarketer has released its latest report on the 2023 global e-commerce market, predicting that global e-commerce sales will reach $6 trillion USD in 2023 and surpass $7 trillion USD in 2025.


Furthermore, according to the statistics, Malaysia ranks in the top four globally for e-commerce sales growth. Business owners, aren’t these fantastic entrepreneurial opportunities worth seizing?

If you find that navigating the business landscape is becoming more demanding,

why not pause and invest some time in understanding and adjusting to the emerging trends in this generation?

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