Create your own business or work for others?

The choice between launching a business and seeking employment is a pivotal decision for college graduates.

Many young individuals grapple with conflicting emotions when it comes to entrepreneurship.

While they harbor a passion for initiating their own ventures,

there is also a fear of the potential repercussions of failure.

Usually, individuals invest a significant amount of time contemplating this decision, f

requently choosing to adopt a wait-and-see approach.

A month elapses, a year goes by, and with time, they become deeply involved in their careers, making it challenging to break away.

MDS-CPR – Business – EP – (Fresh Graduate)

As they confront the obligations of marriage, homeownership, and escalating financial responsibilities, their capacity to undertake entrepreneurial risks diminishes.

This results in the eventual resignation to a lifetime of employment.

Residents of Wenzhou, China, are renowned for their financial acumen.

The young population in Wenzhou possesses a distinctive mindset that distinguishes them from their counterparts.

Even during their college years, phrases like “I’d prefer sleeping on the floor than working for someone else” or “I’d rather earn 1,000 yuan a month in my own business than make 3,000 yuan working for someone else” are commonly embraced.

Their elders often impart these principles, which subsequently become guiding lights for their actions.

These principles, divergent from prevailing mindsets in numerous other locations, have demonstrated their advanced and successful nature.

The distinct mindset prevalent in Wenzhou has positioned its residents among the wealthiest in the country, underscoring the influential role of one’s mindset in shaping their life’s trajectory.

MDS-CPR – Business – EP – (Fresh Graduate)

When your mindset undergoes a transformation, everything externally will adjust in tandem.

In practice, numerous young individuals choose employment over entrepreneurship, frequently rationalizing their decision with statements like,

“We’ve recently graduated, lacking both the capital and experience required to initiate a business.”

“It’s wiser to work for a company for a few years, amass experience and savings, and then contemplate entrepreneurship when the opportune moment arrives.”

Nevertheless, this mindset is inherently flawed.

Following several years of employment at a company, a recent college graduate not only falls short of amassing the capital essential for entrepreneurship but also misses out on gaining the experience and skills vital for initiating and managing a business.

The knowledge acquired from a job fundamentally differs from what is necessary for entrepreneurship.

While they may enhance their technical skills related to their job, these skills are often irrelevant to the entrepreneurial context.

Even more concerning is that, after several years of employment, the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship tends to wane among young individuals.

The boldness and courage that often characterize youth diminish, and they become progressively entrenched in their corporate roles.

The aspiration of launching their own business is relegated to the recesses of their minds, eventually transforming into a profound regret in their lives.

Regret sets in during their 40s when they are confronted with job layoffs, and they lament not choosing the entrepreneurial journey two decades earlier!

To sum up, the choice between initiating a business and seeking employment holds significant weight for college graduates.

Despite the appeal of job security and immediate financial stability, it’s crucial to weigh the long-term implications and the possibilities for realizing your entrepreneurial aspirations.

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