From Household Duties to a Billion-Yen Success in 3 Years

MDS-CPR – Business – EP – (Housewife)

Many stay-at-home moms, due to extended periods away from the workforce, often feel they’ve sacrificed their own worth in the process of caring for family members.

As time goes by, the sense of only being adept at house chores and childcare can lead to a perceived lack of contribution to society, causing them to miss out on the potential to shine.


Such was the case for Japanese mom Yumi Matsuda, who found herself in this dim phase of life. Juggling the responsibilities of caring for her husband and three children, with no savings and no job, she resorted to crafting handbags in her spare time.

While the routine of daily life has its own charm, the monotony of dealing with household chores day in and day out gradually dampened her enthusiasm for life.

At the age of 36, Yumi Matsuda made a daring decision. Armed with a secret fund of $2,000, she clandestinely ventured into entrepreneurship, selling her handmade bags.

The youngest of her children was just 2 years old at the time, and the demanding household chores still required her attention.

However, Yumi did not give up. Starting with an online store, she passionately and diligently managed her business.

Over time, her sales soared, expanding not only locally but even reaching California, USA.

In just three years, her company earned a staggering 300 million yen, propelling her to become a renowned entrepreneurial figure in Japan.

MDS-CPR – Business – EP – (Housewife)

The success in her business brought about numerous changes in Yumi Matsuda’s life.

She devoted herself wholeheartedly to expanding her enterprise.

Besides bags, she incorporated wholesale of craft materials, elevating her annual income to an impressive 700 million yen.

At the age of 53, she still maintains her graceful beauty and has even built herself a luxurious mansion worth 100 million yen, demonstrating her commitment to both earning money and enjoying life.

MDS-CPR – Business – EP – (Housewife)

Yumi Matsuda’s legendary turnaround has amazed and impacted many people.

Choosing not to conform to societal expectations and pressures, she, despite limited resources, forged a unique path in life with passion and perseverance.

Her story is a testament that even ordinary homemakers can have dreams and, with courageous action, shape their future into what they desire.

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