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Over time, the traits of employees and entrepreneurs start to diverge significantly.

Prolonged employees may occasionally grapple with feelings of anxiety and insecurity, apprehensive about the risk of unemployment and the unfamiliarity of the outside world, leading to heightened sensitivity.


Their mindset gradually succumbs to weariness and lethargy, losing the once-present enthusiasm and vigor.

They may find solace in contentment and simplicity, settling for their current lives.

However, as life becomes more monotonous, the financial burden on their families grows weightier.

Homes and children become economic constraints tightening around their necks, constricting more and more.

When the pressure becomes nearly suffocating, they are left with no choice but to adjust their mindset, adapting to the role of a city dweller and relinquishing control of their financial well-being to others.

The most daunting experience is receiving news about the company’s declining performance and imminent layoffs.

Their thoughts turn numb, and they go along with the flow, as their livelihood is in the hands of their superiors.

The second most feared aspect is witnessing the aging process while their professional skills exhibit no progress.

Despite potentially earning more due to seniority, observing vibrant young college graduates performing the same tasks for a lower salary serves as a constant reminder that their capabilities are not what they once were.

The outcome of a career as an employee is a diminishing value with age, particularly in the 40-50 age bracket.

This phase might be considered one of the most disheartening in one’s professional journey.

Having a college degree doesn’t automatically make you elite.

Society is in constant progress, and your knowledge, physical fitness, and career mindset may no longer align with those of recently graduated students.

Employers, in practical terms, tend to prioritize laying off white-collar workers in their 40s and 50s when faced with a crisis.

If you currently hold a secure job and feel a sense of stability, you might be unknowingly carrying a time bomb with you.

In a decade or so, it has the potential to detonate.

The repercussions of unemployment at that point could be a hundredfold more severe than what you might experience today.


Is entrepreneurship an effortless endeavor?

The response is clear: the lifestyle of an employee contrasts significantly with that of an entrepreneur!

MDS-CPR – Business – EP – (Job Seeker)

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