How Many Years of Work Does It Take to Achieve a Fulfilling Life?

Navigating the professional realm is no easy feat.

We find ourselves adapting to office dynamics, sacrificing leisure time, delicately negotiating salary increments, and sometimes patiently awaiting opportunities for career advancement.

What is the true purpose of work?

Is it merely a means to earn, improve our quality of life, or strive for a better existence?

Yet, for individuals like you, who have dedicated years of diligent and tireless work, have your aspirations been realized?

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How much more time is required for you to work towards your ideal life?

Is it another 10 years, 20 years, or even 50 years?

“Your mindset determines your path”!

This phrase is something many have heard, only to forget moments later.

However, reality continuously reaffirms this fundamental truth!

Let’s look back to the 1980s when two groups of individuals, Wenzhou farmers and Sichuan farmers, embarked on different paths to explore new opportunities.

Both were among the earliest pioneers in this endeavour.

Wenzhou farmers explored the world by repairing umbrellas, pens, and cooking utensils, or by trading small miscellaneous items.

They were wanderers at heart.

On the other hand, Sichuan farmers ventured directly to Guangdong to seek for employment.

Those who dared to venture out in the 1980s possessed extraordinary courage, because during that era, information was limited, and transportation was challenging.

People held deep-seated fears of the outside world.

Both Sichuan and Wenzhou residents were courageous and determined; however, they adopted vastly different mindsets, leading them down entirely distinct paths to wealth.

Three decades have passed, and Wenzhou farmers have become one of the wealthiest segments of the population in our nation.

They have mastered the most advanced business skills, and their wealth can even support their descendants in pursuing business ventures in Europe.


In contrast, the first generation of Sichuan laborers has now exited the stage of history.

Many of them continue to live modest lives in their hometowns, while their offspring, following in their fathers’ footsteps, continue to flock to Guangzhou to endure the harsh exploitation of their employers, becoming one of the most impoverished segments of society.

What does this tell us?

The choices made by the preceding generation not only influenced their own lives but also deeply impacted the lives of their descendants.

Wenzhou farmers’ arduous entrepreneurial efforts freed them and their descendants from poverty, while Sichuan farmers’ strenuous labour resulted in endless sorrow and destitution for future generations.

Working as an employee = exchanging time for money

There’s a common saying: “Work doesn’t make you rich.”

It can be challenging to amass significant wealth while working for someone else since the money typically flows into the pockets of the employer before it reaches you.

While wealth can accumulate gradually, time steadily slips away.

By the time we have the money to pursue our dreams, we might have very little energy left to enjoy life.


Young People: They have time and energy, but lack of money.

Middle-Aged People: They have energy and money, but lack of time.

Elderly People: They have money and time, but lack of energy.


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