Do you find your retired life monotonous, yearning for a touch of luxury and spontaneity in spending money?


Perhaps you’re afraid of depleting your pension but still dream of earning, enjoying freedom like the younger generation, prioritizing health, travel, and buying gifts for your children. Have you ever considered reigniting your career, experiencing a second spring in your professional life?

The truth is, even in the realm of entrepreneurship, seniors can achieve remarkable success.

Let me share with you a typical story of a successful elderly entrepreneur:

MDS-CPR – Business – EP – (Retiree)

Martha Stewart, a renowned American figure in the culinary and home decor industry, founded her own media company when she was nearly 50. Before her fame, she was a homemaker.

Her success stemmed from her passion for home living, gastronomy, and lifestyle, coupled with a spirit of continuous learning and determination.

Martha Stewart’s company became a diversified media and merchandise empire, proving that age is not a barrier to entrepreneurship.


Other inspirational examples include Wu Zhigang, founder of China’s Taoli Bread, who started his business at the age of 60 after retiring as a teacher and amassed a fortune of billions at the age of 82.

In Japan, Yuriko Kikuchi, founder of Kutani Ceramic, started her ceramic business at the age of 80 and gained international acclaim.

Jan de Villaneuve, a model agent at Helsinki Fashion Week in the UK, re-entered the modelling industry at nearly 70 and became a popular fashion model.

MDS-CPR – Business – EP – (Retiree)

These success stories indicate that age is not a hindrance to entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs can find new opportunities in their later years and fulfill their dreams.

The key is to maintain passion, embrace innovation, and hold onto unwavering beliefs, continually striving for success.

Yes, your second phase of life is just beginning.

Seize the golden opportunity ahead, especially as you can enjoy both an exciting retirement and additional income beyond your pension.

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