How to Earn More When You’re Middle-aged

CPR – 职场资深达人 (Professional)

I suppose you are in your mid-career professional right now, earning a promising pay, enjoying the excellent living standard and you would probably be thinking that your life could never be better. Does this ring any bells? 

Have you ever thought that even a senior manager that has contributed to the company for 10 years can get retrenched the next day?

Have you ever wondered how life would be without THAT fix pay?

CPR – 职场资深达人 (Professional)
Breaking news on big companies like Petronas, Seagate, Western Digital, Intel as well as HSBC announcing their unexpected decision to retrench employees has shocked the community. 

Just so you know, you can never predict the future by looking at your present situation

You could be prepared, but how well have you prepared? That is when diversification of income takes place.

Diversifying your income is crucial to sustaining unavoidable ups and downs

CPR – 职场资深达人 (Professional)

Start generating your side income now to prepare for anything. If it wasn’t for rainy days, earning extra money doesn’t harm, does it? 

If you are currently earning some side income, are you pursuing the 3 Common Pathways to generate extra income?

1. Invest in real estate

CPR – 职场资深达人 (Professional)
It’s good to own properties, but the market can be fickle. You have no guarantees. It costs a bomb to buy, sell and operate, not to mention managing it.

2. Trading Forex

CPR – 职场资深达人 (Professional)
One point: Trade only using your risk capital. You can lose more than your initial deposit. Some may even suggest that trading in the forex market actually carries above-average risk. In other words, never trade more than you can afford to lose.

3. Investing in Fixed Deposits

CPR – 职场资深达人 (Professional)
The return is LOW. 
Your money is locked in the bank. 
Have to withdraw money from the fixed deposit account before agreed maturity period? You’ll be penalized.

Time waits for no man! 

Just like anyone can get retrenched the next day! Is the pathways you are pursuing is the perfect way to you? 

Be your own BOSS

You do not need to risk all of your savings just to earn side income. Why don’t you develop your own online business? 

All you need is an excellent Marketing System and Products.
CPR – 职场资深达人 (Professional)

iTeam World is your BEST partner. We help individuals to develop their own online business, provide free education program, prepare necessary training and so many marketing materials to ensure you are on the right path!

CPR – 职场资深达人 (Professional)

This is completely a long term guaranteed side-income and with the support from us, you can definitely handle both your current profession AND your new profitable business very well! It’s likekilling two birds with one stone. 

Earn now or risk falling into poverty. 

Your greatest asset is your earning ability- Brian Tracy

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