How To Manage Stress Like A Pro


If you think sales is the most stressful job, you need to either find a new job or learn how to handle stress

CPR – 销售达人 (Salesperson)
According to the Global Organisation for Stress (, stress levels in the workplace are rising with 6 in 10 workers in major global economies experiencing increased workplace stress. China is reported to have the highest rise in workplace stress.
Everyone thinks their job is the most stressful while the top two causes of stress are reportedly job pressure and money. This is evidently so if you’re in the sales line. But one of the biggest problems with stress is how it impacts your mental health, which in turn affects your work performance.
CPR – 销售达人 (Salesperson)
Research has shown that if you feel stressed out by work, you won’t be able to utilise prior knowledge or training, and will instead resort to an automated response of shutting down, or convincing yourself you can’t reach your goals.
And when you’re stressed, potential customers sense your desperation and label you as uncaring, not trustworthy, and a little too hasty. In sales, this spells disaster and knowing how to manage your stress is a must if you want to break that emotional barrier.
CPR – 销售达人 (Salesperson)
Focus on daily goals
At the beginning of the month, write out a goal you want to achieve for that month and break it down day by day. Then aim to achieve all your daily goals and by the end of the month, you’ll have achieved your monthly goal. Targeting small goals every day helps you stay on track and keeps you motivated to achieve the greater goal.
Don’t dwell on your mistakes
The best way to deal with mistakes or failures is not to dwell on them. Instead, use them as a learning experience in which to improve your next sale. For every mistake or failure, you’ve learnt one new method that doesn’t work and should not be repeated. And now you’re one step closer to success.
Do the best with what you have
Sometimes you have a selling spree; sometimes you have a downwards spiral. Some things are just beyond your control. What is within your control, however, is the ability to do your best for your customers or potential customers because you never know when your time and effort could eventually pay off.
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Don’t overdo it!
Limit your responsibilities to what you can comfortably handle. There’s no point pitching to too many customers if it makes you less effective and productive at closing the deal. Taking on too many responsibilities just makes you agitated and pressured to perform well. At times, quality is better than quantity.
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Learn from the experts
Your sales manager is there to help. When you succeed, he or she succeeds, and the whole company benefits. Ask your sales manager or other salespeople whom you respect how they cope with the stress of high sales targets and low commission. Knowing that you’re not alone helps put things into perspective. If you’re a sales manager yourself, encourage your sales team throughout the month. Instead of sending emails about targets and numbers, send them motivational messages to boost their confidence and inspire them to reach their goals.
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Rest and recharge
You’re not a machine. You can’t work every minute of every day. Taking time out from your work will help you to regroup your thoughts and strategise. It could be as simple as listening to music, having a cup of coffee, or enjoying a power nap or a nice lunch. Anything to get your mind off work. Short breaks throughout the day help break the stress, maximise productivity, and could even inspire new ideas.
CPR – 销售达人 (Salesperson)

In conclusion, if you think sales is the most stressful job there is, then maybe you’ve working for the wrong company. With the right online platform, sales can be the best business opportunity with the highest return on investment. By selling the right products, you’re helping other people solve their problems and transform their lives. And that is financially rewarding and emotionally satisfying.

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